The Ultimate Morning Skincare Routine

Make the most of your morning routine with these 5 must-do skincare steps.

No matter what the weather’s like afuera, we’re always striving to look (and feel) our best. Arguably one of the most important parts of our morning beauty routine is our skin. Here are 5 must-do steps for una piel perfecta:

Step 1: Wash & Moisturize 
As soon as you wake up, wash with a moisturizing cleanser, like Olay Regenerist Brightening Cream Cleanser.

Immediately after cleansing, apply Olay Luminous Miracle Boost Concentrate Face Booster and follow with a lightweight moisturizer, like Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream Face Moisturizer. Though it’s only the first step, it’s the most important in your skincare routine, since it keeps skin nourished and primed for makeup.

Beauty Tip: Don’t forget to wash and moisturize your neck! Mamá always said don’t neglect tu cuello, so make her proud by taking care of it.

Step 2: Conceal
Time to conceal any redness or blemishes! Choose a tinted skin cream, lightweight concealer or liquid foundation, and gently rub it in with a makeup sponge. Whatever your choice, make sure it has a SPF!

Step 3: Focus on Tus Ojos

  • Fight any dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness by prepping with Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream
  • Choose the blackest-black mascara, and apply a light stroke to all of your lashes
  • Then, up the drama with a few extra coats on your outer lashes
  • Finish with a waxy, dark eyeliner – black, blue or purple liners really pop on our skin tones – up-ticked at the outer corner for a daytime cat eye
  • Add shimmery eyeshadow, smudged a bit for an eye-brightening effect

Step 4: Blush
Choose a sheer, liquid blush to further brighten your look and nourish your skin – opting for a light gold or peachy-pink shade. Suck in your cheeks and apply to your now-prominent cheekbones. Blend well with a blush sponge.

Beauty Tip: Need some cheeky color with no blush in sight? Use a touch of lipstick on your upper cheekbones and blend well with fingers.

Step 5: Lips
One last step before you’re out the door! Swipe on a sheer lipstick, lip stain or tinted lip gloss. We love lighter shades – like peaches and corals – especially for warmer weather because they are easy and youthful.

What are your go-to morning skincare tips? Share yours with the Orgullosa community in the comments below!


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